Education in Coronian times

The corona virus pandemic is beginning to reshape almost every aspect of our world and that includes education with schools closed for the foreseeable future. Hundreds of millions of students stuck at home have been turning to online education. What effect could online classes have on the educational system as a whole and what concerns arise from the above to learn online.

According to the last set of figures, over a billion children out of school children and youth school closures in over 180 countries around the world nationwide at this point it’s affecting virtually the entire world right now the world’s largest home-schooling experiment is taking place millions of parents across the country are struggling as they try to home-school their children as government order to close schools takes effect for everyone.

Finally, beyond the pandemic, can education ever be as effective as the classroom and is studying online now here to stay. Some experts think this is also very good opportunity for the students to test their stamina their perseverance because as we know education is not only concerned about the opinionizing of knowledge and improvement of the capability but also the fostering of the development of the virtue so this is also the opportunity for the students to face up to the challenge

We think all the colleges and universities are in the same boat, so we’ve really experienced the very effective and a positive preparation since the lockdown but things were not as smooth since the beginning as some teachers were not that willing to conduct teaching online, they refuse to learn the use of technology because they know they would have to spend more time or energy on the learning of the new technology. So, this was really challenging for most of the teachers but gradually after we called on them to actively pursue participating in this this kind of teaching online so more able teacher are ready to teach online and even some of the teachers expressed their willingness to continue this kind of teaching online after the epidemic came to end because they also can benefit in one way or another from the efficiency of this method of teaching.

If we compare the education on the graduate or undergraduate level then it is safe to say that undergraduate study does require more guidance from the professor when compared with the graduate level studies and under graduate students are suffering more because of the online education. Other than from the academic side something that students miss is the campus culture, the campus activities and interaction with friends. One other problem that students encounter is that those living in poor and remote rural areas do not have access to fast speed internet that means they cannot have the same quality of online education as those of their peers in living in big cities.

Many families are experienced in doing home schooling and no matter how hard you try and it is a profession on its own, some children’s attention span is very short they are not going to be talking to you in front of the computer for like an hour they’re not so those are the one who is going to be having a hard time and falling behind. One of the open questions of course is the emotional impact because this is very destabilizing for students, the teachers, parents. We do want to look at the positives of children, there’s very resilient as parents, teachers and children begin to adjust to the new way of learning. It’s worth acknowledging that some of the practices being used could be seen again after restrictions are eased before the COVID-19 outbreak. Educators globally had been in talks about the need to bring education systems into the 21st century this may be the disruption needed for the sector to rethink how to educate future generations especially when we talk about the education of college students and for those who have been looking to study further along with their day job and were not able to do that due to conventional methods of teaching. Colleges and universities are encouraging students to apply to their online education programs and start online college today.