Applying microlearning principles to traditional elearning

Microlearning is more than just a tool – more than just an initiative. Like any useful method it has principles. While an organisation may have the need and the ambition to transform their workplace digital learning, the tools and solutions are not always immediately viable.

The principles of microlearning

But good principles, just like good manners, cost nothing!

There are many ways to apply the principles of microlearning to traditional eLearning while you wait for the resources to invest in new tools. And there can be many benefits to this too.

How often do you think a piece of learning truly necessitates 45 minutes of continuous, uninterrupted reading? It is only really necessary in rare cases, but for many companies it is the default approach.

Adapting to the new normal is hard, but it doesn’t need to happen all at once. Here are some top tips on rethinking your traditional content, such as SCORM courses, using the principles of microlearning; think of them as baby steps towards your ultimate goal of a finely tuned microlearning approach!

microlearning infographic

Whether you want to make a first small step, or one giant leap into the world of microlearning we can help you with the transition. We have a menu of options available that can be perfectly attuned to your learner’s and your own needs – from budget considerations to a need to impress the rest of your departments of the benefits! We have the tools to provide the solution and a wealth of experience from which we can dispense advice. Share with us your learning objectives and we’ll share lots of ideas to help you with a microlearning design model that suits your learning strategy. We also have a fully-managed Microlearning service Verify, which brings rapidly developed, data-driven elearning into the heart of your learning strategies.

Logicearth can offer tools that can plug in to your existing LMS, or content development services to help you create assets that will truly harmonise with the ways your learners absorb information best. We will guide you through the entire journey.

Talk to us today about embracing a new microlearning solution.



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